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The CMAK & FRIENDS Discord is the 24/7 Hub for anything and everything you need. All information regarding the happenings on the Media/Servers of CMAK & FRIENDS is all communicated in real time via the Discord. Anything you need go to the Discord! CMAK & FRIENDS is worldwide, so there will always be someone there to help!

Providing a blend of moderation and general tomfoolery, a streamer in his own right; Matty is the hardworking true blue aussie bloke you assume every Australian is. Hard Yakka might as well be his middle name. And for him its all about the culture and camaraderie.

The resident medic at CMAK & FRIENDS (no he really is an actual doctor) Geek provides CMAK & FRIENDS with actual moderation and with his experience and knowledge guides CMAK & FRIENDS

With a decent pill on him. Willy C delivers comedic relief in the purest of forms. A man who once drank out of a cat bowl after a little too much liquor, Will’s life experience is helpful, and he’ll always point you in the direction of a good time.

Using the β€œbday set” command you can tell the server when your birthday is (MM/DD) and it will send you a birthday message every year! You might not know how many people share the same birthday as you! Any Jan 16’ers in the chat?



No Major Decisions, Streams, Giveaways, and even Live Cheese Eating Tier Lists will be missed out on with the Announcements channel. If you want to stay up to date with the goings on of the CMAK & FRIENDS universe, check in regularly to the

Find useful links and information on how to play all the fun randomizers, custom versions, and old-school games you forgot existed, here in the Links Channel! You might just want to use the same Shaders or Texture Pack. The Links channel provides for all! No more worrying clicks through ads that might drop a virus on your computer!



Hey! It’s a Giveaway Channel. What do you think goes on here? We give away stuff! Steam Codes, Merch, Subs, Discount Codes, all the goodies we can share will be given away via this Channel!

Want to find out once and for all what the best Studio Ghibli movie is? Maybe you just want to rewatch all the old Pokemon films? Grab your popcorn, don’t let it spill down the couch, and remember to use the toilet BEFORE we start so you won’t miss out on the good parts. It’s Movie



Ever wondered if you share a nation with a fellow member of CMAK & FRIENDS? Wonder no longer with the World Channel! Easily identify how many people from your part of the world are part of CMAK & FRIENDS! You never know who could be just up the road!

Do you spend 14 hours a day clicking on random YouTube recommendations of cute animal videos? Feel like you’ve found one that just makes you burst at the seams with uncontrollable squealing fits of adorableness? Hit up the Animals channel! Got cute photos of your pet turtle? Hit up the Animals channel! Having a rough day at school/work? Hit up the Animals channel!



Looking to share the beautiful drawing you made in art class? Or maybe you’ve made a smiley face out of your food… again. Maybe you’re just looking to see if you can commission an art of your two favourite anime characters? I don’t know. Heck. It’s an art channel. You see anything beautiful. Post it!

Share recipes, weird concoctions/combinations of food, maybe just a phat burger that cost you an arm and a leg. The food channel is probably the only place where we encourage obnoxiously braggadocious posts that make us jealous and foam at the mouth.



Missed out on the latest stream? Don’t have time to sit through a VOD? All major moments of stream are recorded and placed in the highlights channel! You’ll never miss a moment with the Highlights channel.

What’s better than Music? What’s better than sharing the Music you love with people? What’s better than finding out there are more people out there than just you that love your favourite artists! The Music channel here for all your one hit wonders, underground talent… and yes even favourite anime opening. Go on, we wont judge. I swear!