After seeing but never quite being a part of these awesome communities, such as Hypixel, Hermitcraft, Mindcrack, and the various Pixelmon Communities. I decided that instead of trying to embed myself into these communities which were already well established; I would try and create one myself. I believe that these communities are very helpful for people who love video games and can certainly make people who don’t usually feel welcome in the outside world; feel at home and welcomed.

For the Vanilla Server no pack is required.

For the Pixelmon and Modded Packs: The exact pack download is required and can be found in the “Links” channel in the CMAK & FRIENDS Discord Server.

If you would like to apply for the Mod role on Twitch or Discord, or the Admin role on a certain Minecraft Server, please forward your application via the careers page https://cmakandfriends.com/careers

Joining CMAK & FRIENDS Minecraft Server has a few steps:

Following On Twitch http://twitch.tv/cmakelite

Joining the Discord http://discord.gg/KpCz59y

Entering an Application https://cmakandfriends.com/minecraft

If there are any personal disputes, queries and/or conflicts please forward all necessary information in a respectful manner to an Admin via Discord.

 Yes. You must be a part of the Discord to play on the Minecraft Server.  We encourage as many communal avenues as possible.

There is no player limit on the Minecraft Server, and the #/69 is simply there for aesthetic.

Any friends you have that want to play on the server are welcome! They too will have to complete the necessary steps of joining the server.

The CMAK & FRIENDS Minecraft Server is and will always remain: Free. To. Play.

The CMAK & FRIENDS Minecraft Server has ZERO pay to win aspects. All roles/perks/rewards and progression are made through in game currency, events, and giveaways.

The CMAK & FRIENDS Pixelmon Server is aimed at delivering an authentic, custom made progression system that in-essence pushes players to enjoy all aspects of the modpack and provides incentive to participate in more multiplayer events. The goal of the CMAK & FRIENDS Pixelmon Server is to avoid making a “Singleplayer Progression in a Multiplayer World” There are plenty of those servers everywhere!

The Gym Leader positions on the CMAK & FRIENDS Pixelmon Server require an SMP aspect. Unless given specific approval. All Gym Leaders are required to provide some sort of content creation. Streaming Or Recording Of Videos. With the towns built around those Gyms being full of the Content Creators community!

The Minecraft Server is hosted in Singapore.

You can show support for CMAK & FRIENDS in various ways!
These include but are not limited to:

-Spreading The Word To Your Friends

-Sharing The Community In Other Communities (with respect to their promotion rules)

-Telling Your Relatives That Don’t Even Play Video Games

-Watching/Sharing Content That Comes From Any Of The Creators On The Server 

-Upvoting The Server On Server Promotion Websites

-Donating Through The PayPal Link http://paypal.me/cmakelite

(all donations go directly to the server hosting/website management)

If you have any Queries that weren’t answered here, please feel free to post in the Discord and I’m sure some lovely people will come to your aid.