Responsible for this very website, Ascent Creative are at the forefront of website design. With new and innovate concepts, and unmatched customer service, all your website needs are at

ridabargoute designed the one of a kind Pokemon/Minecraft inspired font that resides across the CMAK & FRIENDS community!  If you are looking to create your own font, please check them out!

wild0000 designed and built my Minecraft skin from the ground up. Extremely fast service delivered with care. Need and upgrade on the Steve skin? Hit up wild0000!

iplayguitar_ designed the wonderful CMAK & FRIENDS Minecraft Logo, as well as our C & F badge! Please check out her amazing reviews if you are looking to create a logo for your own server!

kyotan designed the classic cMaKelite emotes! All your favourites from cMaKsugoi to cMaKjudge all emotes on my twitch channel are designed by kyotan and will continue to be!

dkeybudy graciously took on the task of designing our custom Pixelmon Main Menu, showcasing all 24 handpicked starters and their evolutions! If you are looking for Pokemon Team Art please check out-