Terms & Conditions


CMAK & FRIENDS do not condone any players breaking the Twitch/YouTube/Instagram/Discord Terms of Service (T.O.S) and players found to be in breach of T.O.S may be subject to repercussions if deemed negligent and/or harmful to the CMAK & FRIENDS community. All players must respect the T.O.S of Twitch/YouTube/Instagram/Discord and are a representative of the server in public forum, therefore we do not condone any of acts of this behaviour.


  • No Bullying
  • Rule #1 – Make Friends?
  • Rule #2 – Don’t Start A War
  • Rule #3 – Have Fun!
  • Nickname format should be: “First Name” (“twitch username”)
  • Please only speak in English
  • Things we want to avoid on the server: Repetitive Self Advertisement, Religious and/or Political Discussion, Bullying and Harassment, Divulging Personal Information, Unwarranted Spamming, and NSFW Content. Any breaches of these guidelines will result in immediate intervention and/or repercussions.


None of your private information is warranted/attained/shared without your consent. Any information partially attained via a donation or email shall not be used in any way or form publicly, or privately without your expressed written consent. We do not condone any sharing of the information of others at all. And anything required from that user should be sent via admins/moderators.